Read the News Today?

Malka and Nadya wrote their book by talking about the things that matter to them as women in the second half of life. Here, the conversation continues.

Our Role in Tomorrow

MD: Nadya, I read the news today, oh boy. When I see what is happening here and around the world, I’m frightened, not only for me but for the world. I wonder what my children and grandchildren feel with the news today.  NG: My children have been quite forthcoming with their concerns and judgments of … More Our Role in Tomorrow

Elders to the World

MD: Nadya, last night I watched “American Factory”, a documentary hosted by the Obamas. It tells of a General Motors factory that went out of business and was bought by a Chinese company. The American workers lost jobs and those that remained worked twice as hard for half the money. All I could do was … More Elders to the World

Why we wrote this book

Embracing Wisdom: Soaring in the Second Half of Life emerged from a conversation between us personally and professionally. Because we lived in different places, we met on Skype to write together. Each meeting began with a conversation that led us into our writing every word collaboratively. We invite you to listen in. This is very much … More Why we wrote this book